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Technical Features for Sonicare C1 Proresults HX6019/63 Toothbrush Heads

Sonicare C1 Proresults Replacement
Toothbrush Heads HX6019/63

As one of Sonicare's flagship toothbrushheads, the C1 ProResults is perfect for Sonicare users that want an authentic cleaning experience at an unbelievable value.

  • Standard size
  • Click-on Design
  • High Quality Contoured Bristles
  • Deep Gentle Cleaning
  • Reminder Bristles (Indicates When to Replace Brush Head)
  • Removes 3x More Plaque
  • 9 Pack

Up to 3x more plaque removal than a manual toothbrush

Densely-packed, high-quality bristles remove up to 3x more plaque than a manual toothbrush. And the contoured bristles fit the shape of your teeth, so you can easily clean those hard-to-reach areas.

Get the most effective plaque removal, every day

Brush heads become less effective after 3 months of use, but we’ll remind you before this happens. Just monitor your blue replacement bristles, and when they turn white you’ll know it’s time for a fresh brush head.

Click-on design for simple brush head placement

Your C1 ProResults brush head fits perfectly with any Philips Sonicare toothbrush handle, except PowerUp Battery and Essence. Simply click on and off for easy replacement and cleaning.

Philips Sonicare's advanced sonic technology

Philips Sonicare's advanced sonic technology pulses water between teeth, and its brush strokes break up plaque and sweep it away for an exceptional daily clean.

Tested to meet your oral health needs

All Philips Sonicare brush heads are safe and gentle on teeth and gums. During tests, each brush head is put through its paces to ensure durability and an exceptional performance every time you brush.

Fits the Following Models:
  • HX3211/02
  • HX3211/17
  • HX3211/30
  • HX3211/33
  • HX3211/57
  • HX3281/32
  • HX3281/68
  • HX3631/06
  • HX3631/07
  • HX3631/10
  • HX6211/04
  • HX6211/07
  • HX6211/28
  • HX6211/46
  • HX6211/47
  • HX6211/48
  • HX6462/05
  • HX6463/50
  • HX6481/11
  • HX6481/12
  • HX6481/13
  • HX6511/51
  • HX6631
  • HX6810/50
  • HX6817/01
  • HX6850/60
  • HX6857/11
  • HX6871/49
  • HX6876/21
  • HX6877/21
  • HX6921/04
  • HX6921/04
  • HX8911/02
  • HX8911/02
  • HX9112/12
  • HX9172/15
  • HX9192/01
  • HX9192/02
  • HX9193/04
  • HX9331/43
  • HX9332/05
  • HX9332/10
  • HX9332/10
  • HX9351/57
  • HX9352/04
  • HX9352/10
  • HX9352/10
  • HX9361/69
  • HX9362/10
  • HX9362/47
  • HX9363/81
  • HX9371/71
  • HX9372/04
  • HX9372/10
  • HX9391/90
  • HX9392/05
  • HX9393/82
  • HX9393/90
  • HX9610/17
  • HX9903/01
  • HX9903/11
  • HX9903/21
  • HX9903/41
  • HX9924/01
  • HX9924/11
  • HX9924/21
  • HX9924/41
  • HX9924/61
  • HX9924/62
  • HX9924/91
  • HX9944/11
  • HX9944/12
  • HX9954/56
  • HX9957/38
  • HX9957/51
  • HX9957/61
  • HX9985/01
  • HX9985/21
  • HX9985/41
  • S8880/88
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