Sonicare HX6062/94 DiamondClean Standard Size Replacement Brush Head

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  • Technical Features

Technical Features for Sonicare HX6062/94
DiamondClean Standard Size
Replacement Brush Head

for a tooth By Tooth Clean

Sonicare DiamondClean
Sonic Toothbrush Heads

Classic power. Classic clean.
  • 2-pack
  • Standard size
  • Diamond-shaped bristles
  • Click-on design
  • Reminder Bristles
Compatible with snap on Philips handles: DiamondClean, Flexcare, HealthyWhite, 3 Series Gum Health, 2 Series Plaque Control, and Essence+ handles

Part Number: HX6062/94

Whiter teeth in just one week

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush head removes up to 100% more stains for whiter teeth in just 7 days.

Diamond-shaped bristles

Diamond-shaped bristles combined with a central stain-removal pad remove surface stains caused by food and drinks.

7X More Plaque Removal

Sonicare DiamondClean brush head is clinically proven to remove up to 7 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush after just four weeks of use.

Engineered to maximize sonic motion

Philips Sonicare brush heads unparalleled sonic technology fully extends the power from the handle all the way to the tip of the brush head. This sonic motion creates a dynamic fluid action that drives fluid deep between teeth and along the gum line for superior, yet gentle, cleaning every time.

Click-on Design

This brush head clicks on and off your brush handle for a secure fit and easy maintenance and cleaning. It fits all Philips Sonicare toothbrush handles except: PowerUp Battery and Essence.

Reminder Bristles

Brush heads lose stiffness and gradually wear down over months of normal use. Blue reminder bristles fade to white letting you know its time to replace. Dental professionals recommend replacing your brush head every three months.

Fits the Following Models:
  • HX8918/10
  • HX8911/35
  • HX8911/02
  • HX6211/07
  • HX6211/28
  • HX6211/04
  • HX6254/81
  • HX6252/71
  • HX6212/17
  • HX6212/05
  • HX6211/99
  • HX6211/98
  • HX6211/96
  • HX6638/95
  • HX6631/04
  • HX6631/02
  • HX6511/50
  • HX6581/50
  • HX6512/02
  • HX6511/34
  • HX6511/02
  • HX4101
  • HX6631/30
  • HX9372/04
  • HX9362/68
  • HX9352/04
  • HX9332/05
  • HX9332/12
  • HX9332/04
  • HX9332/03
  • HX9382/74
  • HX9382/68
  • HX9382/54
  • HX9381/05
  • HX9342/03
  • HX6511/50
  • HX6581/50
  • HX6512/02
  • HX6511/34
  • HX6511/02
  • HX6932/10
  • HX6911/02
  • HX6982/10
  • HX6902/02
  • HX9172/15
  • HX9175/11
  • HX9112/13
  • HX9112/12
  • HX9170/10
  • HX9112/16
  • HX9110/02
  • HX9172/14
  • HX9182/34
  • HX9182/32
  • HX9142/32
  • HX6972/10
  • HX6921/04
  • HX6921/02
  • HX6991/10
  • HX6972/31
  • HX6311/02
  • HX6392/02
  • HX6362/02
  • HX6321/02
  • HX6311/07
  • HX6732/02
  • HX6731/02
  • HX6711/02
  • HX6733/90
  • HX6733/80
  • HX6733/70
  • HX6731/34
  • HX6731/33
  • HX6712/75
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